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Wednesday 26 June 2013

IKEA-hacking && Case-modding in 1!

I have a computerdesk from IKEA - a "MICKE" - which a bought recently. But my Midi Tower Case couldn't fit into it, since it was deeper than the desk. So I decided to build my computer into the desk.
And thus combining IKEA-hacking and Case-modding!
Above and below is the finish product. On the left picture is the front door of the desk, with the power controls inside the red square, and the case fan behind the grey mesh.
My computer has remote booting capability, so its always on stand-by when supplied with power. That's why I have installed a key-rocker switch (the right most segment on the red square) which controls the dark outlet on the backside (see below). The red indicator light in the middle, indicate whether power supply is on or not (but not the computer itself). The two rocker switches on the left is the Power and Reset pins from the motherboard, extended with CAT6 data cable.

Inside (on the left picture above) is the computer parts and room for a shelf.

Below (left) is the backside, made from the backside of the old case and a cut out piece from the side fitted with the, before mentioned, power outlet. The white cord on the bottom of the picture, is the external power cord, connected to the key switch on the front.
The right picture below is the front i low light conditions, in order to see the LED lights, when the computer is running.
Following is a series of pictures displaying the building progress.
The starting point. (I forgot to take a before picture of the desk).

The back of the case fitted in the desk.
The front. The upper blue installation boxes are for the power controls. The lower hole is for the front fan.
A look inside, before the internal components is installed.
The workshop... a.k.a. the balcony.
The backside... work in progress...
Leftovers from the front panel.
Inside, after PSU and Motherboard installed.
Inside, after HDD installed and frame for 5.25" components.
Inside finished and door with fan fitted. 
The front control panel with wiring showing.